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About this plugin

Releasing a mobile app to the market is just the beginning of your growth journey! To expand your audience and keep users engaged, it's crucial to optimize both your product and marketing strategy based on usage data and insights from your users. That's where Google Analytics and Median’s Firebase Analytics Plugin comes in.

By using this plugin, you gain access to native app analytics such as app start and app usage data. These app-level events are not available when using Google Analytics for websites. You can also track analytics for specific users and trigger e-commerce specific events such as “add to cart”. This detailed information on user behavior in your iOS and Android apps will help you make better decisions about your product and optimize marketing.

Also, custom audience segmentation based on device data and user behavior provides you with a pool of valuable metrics that you can use for personalized notifications, A/B tests, and Google Ads remarketing, among other things. 

Firebase Analytics integrates seamlessly with other Google platforms such as Data Studio, and AdMob as well as dozens of other ad networks. Use the Google Analytics platform to help create more engaging experiences for your app users, implement a data-driven marketing strategy, and ultimately boost your app’s engagement and monetization revenue.

Key features


Comprehensive real-time analytics:

Understand user behavior and view live usage data with real-time reporting on events including native app events.


Segmentation and optimization:

Define custom audiences based on device data and user behavior and use the insights to optimize your app and marketing strategies.


Easy and powerful integrations:

Firebase Analytics integrates seamlessly with other Google platforms like Data Studio and AdMob.

faqs about this plugin

Frequently asked questions about Google Firebase Analytics

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