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Looking to add video chat functionality to your Median app? Look no further than Twilio Video, a real-time communications platform that you can seamlessly integrate into your app with the help of our native plugin. Whether you’re hosting training sessions, client or patient consultations, focus group interviews, or any type of 1 on 1 or group video sessions, this native plugin will elevate the experience for your users.

Median’s Twilio plugin includes native UI screens for phone and tablet devices, for both iOS and Android. These screens include a self-view of the user, views of other participants, and controls for camera and microphone that are typical of today’s video calling apps. You will launch the native UI by calling the Median JavaScript Bridge with display parameters along with a token that you generate on your backend through the Twilio API.

Elevate your app with Twilio Video and unlock endless possibilities for immersive, real-time communications.

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