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About this plugin

Median’s Intercom native plugin allows you to easily integrate push notifications leveraging the power of the Intercom platform. Effortlessly send rich native push notifications to your users and support deep linking to directly lead users to specific pages within your app — no distractions, just focused attention on your call to action.

With Intercom, you have full control of your push notification strategy: choose target audiences, direct customers to different pages, set goals, and schedule messages with ease. Enhance the impact of your notifications with attention-grabbing images that make your messages even more contextual and compelling. Link users to their devices for personalized notifications, log analytic events, and even A/B test different message variables to optimize your engagement strategy.

Key features


Timely, personalized re-engagement:

Stay top-of-mind with timely, personalized push notifications that are proven to be the top driver of app re-engagement.


Focused call to action:

Drive users directly to the desired page within your app through powerful deep linking capabilities, ensuring their attention is focused solely on your call to action.


Enhanced impact with visuals:

Grab users' attention with captivating images in your push messages, making them more contextual, relevant, and compelling.

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Frequently asked questions about Intercom

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